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Adam is non-verbal, 12 year old boy with Autism. It is really difficult to keep him motivated and occupied when he is not at school.

Adam seeks movement and is motivated by movement based activities: those are seen to promote self-regulation and functional gross motor skills.


It is challenging for Adam to participate in physical activities because of difficulties with motor planning a delayed acquisition of higher level of coordination skills related to the immaturity of body awareness, core stability and loco-motor skills (e.g. hopping, skipping). OT recommended movement opportunities of long duration and big intensity.


An adapted bike will support gross motor coordination (pedaling, steering, motor planning, getting on/off, spatial awareness of navigation) as well as provide movement input. Riding an adapted bike is an age appropriate activity that can also help Adam to learn community safety while increasing his activity level. It will also facilitate social inclusion, interaction (greeting, requesting).

And most of all he enjoys riding it and keeps him occupied for long period of time and physically active!


We hope to raise $1100 for a single rider trike with saddle seat so that Adam can ride safely, and build so many beneficial skills.

Thank you so much for your support.

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