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Tiago a happy young non verbal lad whom suffered from epilepsy for the bulk of his life.    He’s one of about 250 kids diagnosed with STXBP1 gene deletion


Tiago requires supervision at all times.  Tiago isn’t able to run like other children his age. He is able to walk however short distances. Tiago has a special transportation stroller to ensure he gets to and from school safely. He was diagnosed with global development delay making some of his fine motor skills weak.  He requires help at feeding time.   His gross motor skills are below average for his age as well.


Tiago needs an adapted bike so that he can strengthen his leg muscles, but more importantly, so he can be out with other children. These bikes are very expensive because they are built specifically for the child who will be riding it, and often needs many modifications to keep the child safely on the bike.


With your support, we can make it possible for this little boy to improve his gross motor skills, strength, and inclusion with his peers!

Thank you!

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