Goal Reached 30/09/2015

Adrit (who loves to be called Addie) is a grade 6 student and loves to write stories, design flying wheelchairs and play Wheelchair hockey.

Addie was diagnosed when he was 3 years old with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which makes his muscles grow weaker by the day.

Last January a fall in the bathroom left him with a broken ankle and rendered him non-ambulant from then on.

Addie is on steroids and the fact that he no longer can walk by himself  has made him a little heavier for transfers.

We had been living in an apartment and are not allowed to do any structural  modifications so we are moving to a house. To get Addie downstairs we will need a starlift. This will make his and our life a little better!

Thank you so much for making this possible!


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  • Reached 30/09/2015

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