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My name is Alesandro. I am 5 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia. My mommy and daddy say that I am their Hero.

I had a brain hemorrhage and was considered at risk of Cerebral Palsy at birth.  This was confirmed through an MRI at Sick Kids that showed a hole in my brain.  My doctor says that I have Level III CP on the GMFCS Scale.

I want to learn how to do many things like teach my brother how to play soccer and hockey so that I can be his coach. Conductive Education and physiotherapy are helping me to be more independent in many ways such as learning how to get around in many different ways and even do things that other people take for granted like looking after myself by tying my own shoes, holding myself upright, feeding myself, sitting down by myself, toileting  and getting dressed by myself.

I really  want to be able to ride a bike like my brother so that we can all enjoy activities as a family.  The adapted bike will allow me to maintain my muscle and range of motion.  My doctor said that using this bike as part of a daily therapy program will have a profound affect on my life.

Thank you for this gift. I will now be able to ride with my brother!



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