Goal Reached 21/11/2012

At 12:09 am  on May 23rd, Amaya was born.  She was immediately taken by the hospitals pediatrician to the ICU. She was then prepared for medical transport to The Hospital for Sick Kids where she was admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The team atSick Kids ran various tests on Amaya, from blood work, to angiogram. The final test they ran was an MRI to determine if there was substance in the mass or whether it was fluid.  The results finally showed that there was a bleed of her brain into her Cerebellum, but, the root cause of the bleed would forever remain a mystery.

Due to where the bleed occurred, the damage to Amaya’s brain within the Cerebellum would cause her gross motor skills, cognitive, speech, and balance to be permanently impaired.

Amaya has since been in therapy she turned since 6 months.  In December 2011, she was formally diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and we have strived with every ounce of strength to give her whatever she needs to overcome her challenges.

Amaya’s mom writes,

When I heard about Ability Online it triggered an outpouring of emotions in me.

I felt hopeful because just knowing that there are others out there with a story similar to mine that can understand….

Today this miracle baby is two years plus and still cannot walk or stand independently, though, not for lack of trying, Amaya is an active, energetic, determined child.  Her courage and persistence in light of everything she has had to encounter and overcome in her short lifetime is truly inspirational.

As a family, we hope and pray everyday that our support, and her strong will eventually allow her brain to make new connections where old ones no longer are.

At the time Amaya’s mom joined Ability Online, Amaya’s greatest need was to enhance her learning abilities and stimulate cognitive development. The family requested an iPad for its portability, ease of use, and amazing apps for learning. While not a large request, it has had a huge impact on Amaya and her personal growth is obvious to all those around her!



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