Goal Reached 01/07/2020

Caleb had a hard first 2 years of live, having open heart surgery at 7 months and 3 other surgeries after that.   He started walking with a walker  but that didn’t begin until he was 5 yrs old.

Caleb can’t ride a regular bike as he feels unsafe  and doesn’t have the dexterity or strength to push and pull on his own.  He has an adaptive tricycle at school and he loves it a lot. The bike helps to strengthen Caleb’s muscles and coordination.  Riding the Tricycle also provides social interactions as he rides around visiting different classes and friends.  Unfortunately, we only have access to this Tricycle during school hours and now with the virus pandemic he can’t access this bike at all.

Thanks to all for your generous support – Caleb will have his bike soon!


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