Goal Reached 15/05/2015

Connor is a very happy, fun-loving little boy who loves  being around people; Loves being tickled, and being surprised. When Connor was born they told me he’d  never walk or talk. I cried for almost a year. I just couldn’t  wrap my head around having  a child, and not being able to  talk or communicate somehow with him.

Last year Connor lost his father to cancer. Although his understanding of life in general is at a bare minimum, the loss of his dad hit him. He was quiet for weeks.

Connor is currently ten years old and knows some  sign-language. About a month ago he sneaked into his sister’s room, and took her blackberry playbook. Next thing we know he’s  video chatting with his nanny in a different province! It brought tears to my eyes.

Connor so desperately wants more. And with  lots of repetition, he just seems to “Get It”.  He would be over the moon having a communication device of his own. Like an iPad.

He loves to learn and watches his peers very closely. With this being said, if there would be  any way there could  be some  help out there…..again, it would  probably  bring tears as it would mean another huge step forward for him.

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