Goal Reached 06/06/2012

Due to Donovan’s complex medical condition (Down Syndrome, Infantile Spasms, Seizure disorder, Hypertension, and Neurofibromatosis) and uncontrolled seizures, he is developmentally delayed. He is now three and half years old, but he can’t sit up, stand or talk. His physiotherapist recommended that we contact Ability Gives to receive funding for an ipad and communication software. The goal is to help Donovan and stimulate learning and communication.

His Mom writes,

I’m the only person working in the family; my husband was diagnosed with a tumour and been off work for almost two years. We don’t have any family support or financial assistance.

Donovan is learning to communicate with his ipad from Ability Gives.

You gave him a voice.


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  • Reached 06/06/2012

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