Goal Reached 31/05/2015

Grace was adopted from the Southern part of China, near Kunming in Nov 2010. She was abandoned under a light post by the Orphanage at approximately 1 year old and had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. She had corrective surgery and was left in the same full body plaster spica cast for 9 months until we arrived.

Grace was brought to Canada in the full spica cast and then it was removed. She had no use of her lower body and weighed all of 10 pounds at 2 years old.  She fractured within 24 hours. After multiple traumatic fractures to her legs and arms over two months, she was rushed to Sick Kids with a severely shattered femur at which she was diagnosed with a severe level of Osteogenisis Imperfecta in Feb. of 2011.

We want Grace to lead as normal a life as possible and we try our best  to accommodate her condition and still include her in fun activities that are all a part of growing up!!

Grace is able to walk. But one leg is longer than the other due to fractures and rodding which makes her rather wobbly and unsteady. She has special AFO leg braces to help her walk with her deformities. These will help to support the bones but will not prevent a break. She also has a walker and a wheelchair/stroller. Thank you for making it possible for Grace to get a specialized  bicycle to help give her more independence while relieving some of the pressure on her fragile frame.


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  • Reached 31/05/2015

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