Goal Reached 01/05/2014

My son Harry was born with a complete heart block due to neonatal lupus, has a seizure disorder (daily occurance), global development delay, he is non-verbal, he has a pace-maker now.  He has a very limited use of his right arm, hand and leg.  He is walking but there is a noticeable difference in his right leg – he is not able to hold anything with his right hand due to the weakness.  Harry loves life though, he always has a smile on his face even with all the challenges.  He is at school, he loves being at school we have the most wonderful TA for him and he just loves her – he has a special bike at school that has now learned to pedal and maneuver by himself now (with some assistance). Thank you so much for supporting my son and making it possible for us to get a bike for him.

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