Goal Reached 06/08/2013

Hyder is a 4 year old diagnosed with congenital muscular dystrophy. He has developmental, physical and feeding issues. He would really benefit from a tumble form seat (he needs the supportive seating to be able to do activities independently) and an ipad.

Hyder has communication issues as well and its very frustrating for both of us, but especially for him to tell me what he wants and for me to know what he wants and he whines for long periods if i don’t understand what he wants.

I have tried sign language and pictures with him but no luck. Communication is a huge problem right now as he is growing and asks for things like other kids but I have to show him at least five items before I understand what he wants. The OT mentioned that they have tried the ipad with Hyder at the preschool,and  it would be very helpful for him to have one for communication purpose as it needs less strength to use the ipad and because of his diagnosis his muscle tone is very low.

There are a lot of things that would benefit him, but these two things are very important for him to have in order to have good body support and be able to communicate somehow. We really appreciate the help.


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