Goal Reached 07/03/2014

JC has Autism and has never spoken. His inability to communicate is frustrating for him and his family.

JC was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3. He has never talked, so we took him to an ENT doctor specializing in speech related problems. He sent us to Early Intervention program right away. The diagnosis shocked us but also helped explain a lot of mysteries about JC.

Once in Toronto we were introduced to augmentative communication. We managed to get my old broken iPhone 3G installed with Proloquo2Go so JC could use it. After a few months, he is able to request some of his favourite snacks with it.

Though he’s still learning how to communicate, he doesn’t get upset as easily. Unable to tell us what he wanted was one of the triggers for his tantrums. Our old iPhone is about to give up. With the many pictures that JC needs to go on to “commenting”, the screen is too small. So we are hoping to get an iPad Mini so it would be easier to communicate.

We are so grateful, that with your help. JC will finally finds his voice. Thank you.

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  • Reached 07/03/2014

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