Goal Reached 26/09/2013

At 7 months of age and unable to sit unassisted Jordan was sent for an MRI and mom was told he had Periventricular leukomalacia also known as high risk cerebral palsy. He also has a visual impairment. Jordan didn’t ask for any of this, and with love in her heart, Mom began an incredible journey to help Jordan be the best that he can be.

We were trying to put Jordan on the school bus one day and as we had to get the wheelchair down our front stairs, the wheel on the wheelchair became really loose and almost came off the chair.  After that incident, I had no choice but to ask for help. It has cost so much money to keep all Jordan’s medical expenses, devices and handicapped activities going and we just can’t afford everything, our other 2 boys do no personal activities because we just cannot afford them.

A ramp with a handrail will make it easier and safer for Jordan to get in and out of his house.

We asked for help to purchase Jordan a handicapped ramp with a handrail. We contacted Motional Specialties and the cost of the handicapped ramp is just over $3,000. We also contacted Easter Seals, they are supporting a portion of the cost towards the handicapped ramp with $1,000.

Thank you for helping  us with the financial cost for a handicapped ramp for Jordan.

 A special thank you to Kavi, 6 years old whose Mom showed him this story last night and he took $10 from his piggy bank for Jordan.

Thank you for
your support!

Goal $2,000

40 Donations

Complete $2,000

  • Reached 26/09/2013

Thank you to Jordan's Donors