Goal Reached 15/11/2016

At four years of age, little Kabir should be running around with his friends and getting into all kinds of mischief.

Kabir can’t walk, or talk. He can’t grasp anything, or make any choices.

Shortly after birth, Kabir had a tonic clonic seizure followed by a series of seizures for which he requires ongoing medication. He has since been diagnosed with global developmental delay, a seizure disorder, a unique chromosomal deletion and visual impairment. That’s a lot for one little boy to endure.

With a specialized seating/mobility system, we can make his life a little easier, and a lot more comfortable. Not only will he be safely positioned, but his mother will be able to easily take him to his many therapy appointments and hospital visits. He will be able to go out in the community with his two older siblings.

When Kabir’s mom found out about the Ability Gives equipment grant program, she said, “I now have a ray of hope”.

This mobility system comes with a hefty price tag, for any family, but thanks to our wonderful and generous donors, we raised $3500

Thank you for giving Kabir the Gift of Independence.

Thank you for
your support!

Goal $3,500

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  • Reached 15/11/2016

Thank you to Kabir's Donors