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This beautiful boy is Kaden, my eight-year-old son. He is one really amazing boy with a heart of gold and a smile that will melt your heart. I know it does mine… every time I see it! No matter what he is going through he is the most loving boy, so filled with light and love. He has grown so much and made so many advances that he really challenges me to keep up!



Many of you know that Kaden has greater needs than most kids. His hypertonia reduces the control he has over his movement and this can be that he has to have special care and equipment. 7 years ago we were fortunate to learn about Ability Gives who helped Kaden get specialized equipment. Ever since I have been passionate about helping other families with children with special needs through the Karma Bootcamp (all proceeds go to Ability Gives).



The time has come where the costs of getting Kaden what he needs are out of reach and so the good folks at Ability Gives are stepping in to help.


I thank you in advance for any help that you can provide and thank you for all of your genrousity in the past.

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