Goal Reached 11/06/2014

Kaden is a fun and easy going little guy. He likes to be on the move, he enjoys car rides, stroller rides or just being carried around. He loves company and is the happiest playing on the floor with his family.

Kaden was diagnosed with central hypotonia, global developmental delay and we were told to expect seizures which he has never had thank goodness. His head control was non existent just last year. His eye sight was thought to be very poor, extoropia and near sighted 6.5 in both eyes.

Kaden was also diagnosed with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder at 4.5 months of age.  Specialists (ENTs) and audiologists have repeatedly confirmed this diagnosis. I always believed that Kaden could hear me.

With particular care and very much needed supporting devices such as a floor seat that will enable him to work on balance, posture and fine motor skills, Kaden can gain greater independence and control.

I am proud of Kaden’s progress thus far and look forward to all of the great new achievements he conquers in the future.

Thank you very much for supporting Kaden.

Kaden’s Mom

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  • Reached 11/06/2014

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