Goal Reached 11/11/2013

Lamitta is almost 3 with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy secondary to periventricular leukomalacia, (spastic diplegia).

She is a beautifull bright girl. She loves meeting other people, loves to play with other kids, loves to learn.

In term of gross motor , Lamitta is not rolling over, sitting creeping or crawling of course not standing or walking.It is difficult for her to control the movements of her legs and arms and she also has  weak trunk control.  As a result it’s difficult for her to sit in an upright position without support.

Lamitta needs so much equipment to make her feel comfortable, independent , and improve her life quality. An adapted bike will help her develop muscle strength and coordination. Your charity and support will help her so much in terms of rehabilitation to use her body like a normal child.

Thank you so much for your support.


Thank you for
your support!

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  • Reached 11/11/2013

Thank you to Lamitta's Donors