Goal Reached 30/04/2015

Levi came home to us at 4 months old. He was apprehended at birth due to drug and alcohol exposure. He was adopted by us and he is now 4 years old.


Levi is the 2nd of 3 brothers all with special needs .

He  has poor mobility at times and can’t walk more than 10 mins at a time and often asks to be carried.  He is 45 lbs and his strollers don’t hold him any longer and requires a stroller for larger children.

Levi goes to speech therapy,  physical therapy and occupational therapy. He has many challenges but always a happy boy . He wears AFO’S  on his legs.

Levi is now too heavy to carry. We need the adapted stroller so we can easily go out in the community as a family. We really appreciate your support. Thank you.

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  • Reached 30/04/2015

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