Goal Reached 30/11/2017

Lucs is a friendly 7 year old and has the same interests as many of his peers. He was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy.

Lucas is nonverbal and  has trouble communicating. He isn’t able to use sign language as he doesn’t have enough control in his arms and hands.For the past 6 months Lucas has been actively seeing the  Assistive Devices Resource Team with Erin Oak and they have been trialing the iPad and eye gaze systems.  He has shown that he is capable when using the right set up and size.  Because Lucas has difficulty using his hands, the larger the target surface the better.  They have recommended that he use an IPad for communication and to continue to practice his skills in order to move forward with an eye gaze system next.

As Lucas is severely effected from his cerebral palsy he is unable to independently access the world; however, if I am able to give him the power to communicate with others I can open up his whole world.  He won’t always need me to be around to read his cues, he can use technology and his own ability to reach out and socialize as well as advocate for himself.

Your assistance in getting the IPad Pro 12.9 inch screen would be amazing.  Unfortunately as a single parent who has had to purchase so many disability related goods and services this year I would be unable to afford this for my son.  As the days, weeks and months go by I know that we are losing valuable practice time and my sons ability to communicate with others is difficult.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for
your support!

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  • Reached 30/11/2017

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