Goal Reached 10/08/2012

My youngest child, Matthew, was born with Down Syndrome, serious hypotonia (low muscle tone) and AVSD (a heart defect).  Matthew had open heart surgery at 5 months old and between his heart condition and Down Syndrome his development has been seriously affected.

Matthew is now four and will be starting school in September and is completely non-verbal, which is a serious concern for me.

Matthew is able to communicate with his family through sign language and because of his interpretation and lack of fine motor skills, he is often not signing in true ASL.

We have been doing private speech lessons for over a year now and at $85/hr, it has become a large expense that we may have to reduce.  We have done trials on an iPad with Matthew in both Speech Therapy and thru Infant Development and I cannot believe how much it has assisted him with his cognitive development, fine motor skills and his communication.

He is now beginning to learn to communicate in a way that will make it easy for everyone to understand him, not just his family.

Any assistance you can provide to help us in accelerating Matthew’s development by getting him an iPad and possibly a speech application such as My Voice would be more appreciated than you could ever imagine!


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