Goal Reached 10/09/2013

As a result of neonatal meningitius Priyansh is challenged by global developmental delay and a seizure disorder making it difficult for him to enjoy the same activities as his 8 year old peers. A lack of coordination and balance means he is unable to ride a conventional bike, yet he loves being outdoors and wants to ride with his friends. His therapist discovered he could ride an adapted bike, but when the one on loan was taken away Priyansh cried, unable to understand why he couldn’t ride anymore.

As a parent it is most frustrating to have to watch your child sitting on the sidelines while his friends play. That¬†sense of inclusion is so important at this age. Then combine that with the knowledge that we can’t afford such specialized equipment and we are devastated.

Adapted bikes aren’t just for recreation. They are also an incredible tool for therapy, helping to strengthen leg muscles, balance and coordination, all while having a great childhood experience! And the freedom to move without assistance is an incredible gift of independence.

Thank you for  helping Priyansh have this experience for both his self esteem and physical well-being. Now you will truly see your gift of independence in motion!

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  • Reached 10/09/2013

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