Goal Reached 23/03/2014

In November of 2008 my daughter Sophie was diagnosed as having Right Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. She attends therapy sessions  on a weekly to biweekly basis since she was diagnosed. Sophie cannot walk without assistance and has a special walker at home and at school.

Sophie also endures Botox injections in her legs, wears AFO”s on both feet and a splint on her right hand. She also has significant speech and language delays. Sophie is 6 years old and is attending grade one this year. Sophie does exceptionally well in school despite her limitations. An IEP and specialized equipment have been implemented for her at school.

Due to her lack of mobility, her endurance is quite low and tires easily. I believe along with Sophie’s Dr and therapists that a bike will help build her endurance and also strengthen her legs – not to mention she loves to ride and feels free and independent. The school has purchased a Discovery Trike for her to use in gym class or recess time for this purpose, and I am hoping to have one for use at home as well.

We asked for help and you responded! We are so grateful to ALL the donors for the gift of independence they are giving Sophie!

Thank you for
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  • Reached 23/03/2014

Thank you to Sophie's Donors