Goal Reached 28/01/2014

Tallula (aka Lula) was born in close to as normal as a child can be and as a bonus incredibly beautiful for a new born (as expressed by myself and several nurses almost simultaneously).  Having been born pre-mature by a few weeks and and producing a low K level, it was recommended that she stay at the NICU for 24hrs so to monitor her. Tallula is now 6 years old, is profoundly delayed and completely dependent on others.  Lula has limited vision but a sharp sense of hearing.

The Rifton chair is a wonderful piece of equipment that can be customized to help support Tallula physically as well as set up to engage her in reactionary activities (headrest button attached to game module to elicit a cause and effect for instance).

The best part of the chair is its ability to elevator to a ground level position right through to kitchen table height. Her current wheel chair does not have this capability and is not designed to be a ‘seat’ but rather a mode of transportation.  The Rifton chair is Tallula’s next step in aiding in her developmental and social life and we are so appreciative of the support from all the donors who believe in our little girl..


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  • Reached 28/01/2014

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