Goal Reached 31/07/2015

Terrell is a young boy with a personality as big and exciting as the earth we live in.  Terrell is 11 years old and attends a mainstream school.  He is an avid sports fan, born in the Toronto area, however he is a patriotic Montreal Canadians fan, sorry Leaf fans.

There are moments that Terrell wished he could do all the things that his peers are involved in however sometimes this is difficult due to the challenges with his mobility.

Terrell does not have bicycle and has not ridden a bike for several years.  Terrell often misses out when his cousin’s, friends and neighbours as they go on a bike ride in the neighbourhood

This bike would be truly appreciated as it would assist in Terrell’s physical development and strengthening and social engagement.  Terrell is an awesome kid that puts a smile on everyone’s face once he graces you with his presence.

We thank all of his donors for making this possible. Now when Terrell smiles you will know it is for you!

Thank you for
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  • Reached 31/07/2015

Thank you to Terrell's Donors