Goal Reached 30/06/2018

Tyler is an 8 year old boy with the biggest heart, and an even bigger smile.  Tyler had a traumatic birth, which caused global brain injury and major seizures. He has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental delays.  Tyler loves life and all of the people in it, however, he has many challenges that come with his disabilities.  Tyler is non-verbal, which makes communication with others challenging. He also struggles with his balance, and walking/running around is difficult for him.  He loves to play with his younger brother, and two younger sisters, but just can’t keep up with daily activities and often gets left behind.

Tyler has tried many activities to improve his mobility, strengthen his muscles, and increase his coordination.  During therapy sessions Tyler always loves to ride the adaptive bikes, and gains the most enjoyment from this activity, above all others.  He loves swimming, and playing t-ball too, but desperately wants to ride a bike at home with his family.  Riding a bicycle will help Tyler work on his mobility, strength, coordination, and processing skills as he pedals, steers, and learns how to plan a safe route.  Most importantly, having his own bike will give Tyler the freedom and ability to safely join in with his brother and sisters, without needing mom and dad holding his hand.  Tyler will finally feel like he fits in with everyone else, and can enjoy just being a kid.

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  • Reached 30/06/2018

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