Goal Reached 22/05/2013

Twelve years ago, after months of testing, drugs, inseminations and disappointment we were elated to learn we were going to have a baby…..a brother or sister for our 2 year old daughter.   Due to my age, we had an amniocentesis done.  There was no cause for concern and we learned it was going to be a boy……we named him Wilson right away.

I did have some bleeding at 3 months and later developed gestational diabetes but other than being induced 2 weeks early and having a 10 pound baby by c-section, everything seemed fine.  For a short while.

In addition to feeding challenges, Wilson was also slow to walk.  At 18 months I took him to the doctor because he was still crawling.  He suggested I give it 6 more weeks which I did, but to no avail.  He also wasn’t saying much….just a few babbles.

At this point we took him for testing and it was determined that Wilson had Global Developmental Delays with Autistic Features.  He was delayed in 5 of the 6 categories tested including fine and gross motor and communication.  Wilson was later determined to have Severe Verbal Apraxia.  At the age of 11 is only able to say a few short words (no being one of them, of course) and some letter sounds.

Various methods of communication have been used over the years including gestures, PECs, Sign Language and currently we waiting for a prescription for an iPad with communication software.  Wilson is a lazy signer due his fine motor delays but he has a memory for signs that out-matches his father’s and mine!

Wilson lacks some social skills as well as some physical and cognitive skills.  He is not able to participate on sports team.  He has a short attention span, especially for non-preferred activities.  As a result, he spends too much time being inactive…..watching movies, playing Wii, playing with his cars (and he has a lot of cars….his favorite toys and movie).  Even going to the park can be hard as Wilson is petrified of dogs, particularly barking dogs so visits to the park often end in panic and tears.

What he does enjoy doing is riding bikes.  However, due to his size and age and needs, he requires an adaptive tricycle to which the cost is prohibitive to our family.  He also enjoys swimming so we are sure to put him into summer day camps where swimming is included!

Wilson has a great sense of humor and is constantly making those around him smile and laugh at his antics.  He is so very affectionate and loving to those of us in his inner circle.  Although his behaviours can be trying at times, Wilson is easily forgiven when he signs ‘sorry’ and says ‘I llll oou’.


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